Question – Should I Write a Commissioned Post?

Okay, so I ended up in a bit of an unexpected situation. I got an email yesterday about writing a post or review for a browser-based game on my blog, for which I would be paid. After following up with the message, I learned that the “guaranteed financial reward” would be a 10% commission on purchases made from links on my blog.

The money wouldn’t be the deciding factor for me (assuming I even got any), it’s whether or not I think this post and the required gameplay will be worth my precious time during spring break. And just to clarify, this is not a “write a positive review and we’ll pay you” deal. If I do this, I will be giving my honest thoughts.

The company, the game, etc, are all legitimate, but the circumstances were very surprising – so now I ask, should I do it? This is most likely completely dependent on the poll results, so have at it.


The featured image, which is from Hyouka, is completely unrelated.

Question – Starting Blind vs. Starting Educated

This post’s purpose is a bit different than what I normally have done/plan to do – rather than simply writing about some given topic, I’d like to hear input from others. Don’t worry – this is a quick read.

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