10 Reasons You Should Never Buy Your Own Games

Buying games can be expensive. If you’re like me, I’m sure you hate having to budget between “priorities” and “entertainment,” forced to steer clear of enticing sales and shiny new offers. Well, I have the solution for you! Why spend your own money to buy yourself games when other people’s wallets are overflowing with opportunity?

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Question – Should I Write a Commissioned Post?

Okay, so I ended up in a bit of an unexpected situation. I got an email yesterday about writing a post or review for a browser-based game on my blog, for which I would be paid. After following up with the message, I learned that the “guaranteed financial reward” would be a 10% commission on purchases made from links on my blog.

The money wouldn’t be the deciding factor for me (assuming I even got any), it’s whether or not I think this post and the required gameplay will be worth my precious time during spring break. And just to clarify, this is not a “write a positive review and we’ll pay you” deal. If I do this, I will be giving my honest thoughts.

The company, the game, etc, are all legitimate, but the circumstances were very surprising – so now I ask, should I do it? This is most likely completely dependent on the poll results, so have at it.


The featured image, which is from Hyouka, is completely unrelated.