30 Day Song Challenge, Day 4: A Song That Reminds You of Something Sad

Honestly, the only songs that came to mind immediately are from soundtracks. But they’re still very appropriate.

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My Top 10 Soundtracks

Here is a list of my top ten soundtracks – five are from video games, three are from anime, one is from a visual novel, and one is from a film. My reasons for selecting these soundtracks are fairly simple – they contributed immeasurably to supporting the tone of the medium, and remain interesting to listen to well after experiencing them in context.

This is an update of a similar post from a few months ago, but you should forget that other one even exists. This time, I didn’t forget two that should have definitely been there. And unlike that post that doesn’t exist, I decided against limiting this to original soundtracks. While OSTs can provide new and interesting music, licensed soundtracks can also do a phenomenal job of supporting a film or game.

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Review (?) – Mahou Shoujo Nanika Magica

In my review of The Bizarre Melancholy of Haruhi Diomiya, I mentioned buying a doujinshi at Comiket with “a half-naked character partially covered by a label saying ‘Not adult only.'” Well, here it is.

Despite the confusing cover, there is no nudity or anything in this post (or in the book for that matter). I apologize in advance for any mental scarring.

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Top 10 OSTs

**This post has basically been replaced (go here), but I don’t plan to delete this outdated one. You should just ignore it.**

I have yet to do many posts concerning music, so I figured I’d overlap it with topics a bit more close to home – anime and video games. So here’s a little selection of tracks from some of my favorite OSTs. Enjoy!

Nothing on this list is exactly obscure, but oh well. And since I couldn’t quite decide on a proper order, they’re just listed alphabetically.

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