Top 5 Anime of 2014

Compared to 2013, this year’s anime were rather¬†lackluster.¬†Last year had Monogatari Series Second Season, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, Bakuman, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Non Non Biyori, Madoka Magica Rebellion, White Album 2, Psycho-Pass… it’s hard to measure up to all that. Regardless, there were certainly some standouts in 2014, and those are the ones that made the cut!

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Quote of a Week #24

“It doesn’t matter whether wishes come true or not. You’re the one who makes your wishes come true, so maybe you can’t make them come true, but I believe wishing for something in and of itself already has merit.”

–¬†Ararararagi Koyomi, Hanamonogatari
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