I apparently wrote this back in July 2012. I don’t even know what to say.


The second look was my first desire

The steam to rise, my mind to fray

It’s over too quickly

This bland conclusion

I should have savoured it

‘Cuz now the plate’s empty



My stomach’s warm

Full of pleasant memories

But I can’t shake this feeling

My affection to this confection

Seems misdirected



When I first noticed your heavenly gaze

A day so recently

It warmed my heart like hot chili

You weren’t a dish

So why do I feel this way?


Bridge thing:

The aroma and taste

The view of the meal

Feelings once reserved for three times a day

Now spread beyond four courses

I simply can’t decide

Between you and the food



My stomach’s so full

Of food and this love

Why wasn’t I told

To take the best of both worlds

Misdirected no more



A memory stuck in my mind’s eye

A shared moment of pure bliss

It was you

And it was me

And it was food

What do you think?

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