Taking Out the Trash #9 – Albums

As an effort to get everything rolling again, here’s something that should have been written up back in April but instead was thrown together yesterday. Woohoo!

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Hibike! Euphonium

What does it take to be “special”? For some people, it’s to contribute to something great. Yet for others, it’s to stand apart for unique characteristics. For the members of the Kitauji High School Wind Ensemble, their individual perceptions of the term may vary but they all come to have the same intention – to¬†be the very best, like no one ever was.

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Taking Out The Trash #6 – Top 5 Albums of 2015

Over the past month, I ended up playing a bit of catch-up with albums from the year that I hadn’t picked up yet. I’ve reached a weird point where I have too much music and too little time. But anyways, here are my top 5 albums of the past year!

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Love Live! School Idol Festival

Have you ever yearned for a game that entices your need to “catch ’em all” in the same manner as Pokemon, but with pretty young anime girls in place of animals, keychains, and ice cream? Something to kindle your masochist desires, packaged with a mediocre rhythm game? Well, do I have the solution¬†for you!

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30 Day Song Challenge, Day 31: The Recap

Here we are at the end of the challenge! I figured I should do a brief recap and actually include some songs I had on my mind that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

And once again, I’m sorry that there was almost a two week gap after day 26! I didn’t have a chance to prepare the rest beforehand, and during most of my job training I didn’t have internet available. I’m all moved in now, so that’s no longer an issue.

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