Two Years Later

Two years ago today, I started up and wrote my first post on this site. To be honest, it feels like it was even longer ago than that, mostly as a result of a lot of tons of stuff happening in real life since then.

But seriously, thanks everyone! If nobody read this stuff, it would be a bit awkward.

It’s weird to think how much has happened over the past year – I was working a cruddy job, quit after months of suffering, was offered a teaching position a week later, and then moved to Japan. And I’m still teaching and enjoying it! I might still be mentally drained all the time, but that’s acceptable with how interesting daily life can be.

Now regarding the actual posts on this site… Looking back, some of the stuff I’ve written isn’t very good, particularly stuff right when I was starting out. But I’m also too lazy to fix things. So hopefully things will just continue to improve from here on out.

But now, let’s take a look at the best and worst from what I’ve posted over the past year!

The best of what I covered:

Anime: Shirobako


This should be no surprise to anyone ever. I’ll talk about it more in my top 5 of the year post next week. Guess which position it’s in?

Aoi is best girl.

Honorable mention – Non Non Biyori Repeat

Games: Bloodborne

While I’m not a big fan of Dark Souls or Dark Souls II, From Software’s PS4-exclusive title Bloodborne does many things right. The gameplay is fast and dynamic, requiring quick reactions, the setting is oppressive and beautiful, particularly as the night carries on, the music adds to the high-stakes boss battles, and it’s just a fun experience from beginning to end. Even if you will die a lot. A lot. The DLC expansion, The Old Hunters, also added a bunch of content, so that was nice.

Gehrman is best girl.

Honorable mention – Atelier Totori Plus

Visual novels: Go! Go! Nippon! 2015

Going to Comiket without knowing what it's like is one hell of a mistake. Probably.
Going to Comiket without knowing what it’s like is one hell of a mistake. Probably.

Including this category is a bit silly since I only did posts on two VNs, but oh well.

When I first talked about Go! Go! Nippon! back in March 2014, I enjoyed the experience but felt like it should have offered a bit more. Well, my wishes were granted as the 2015 DLC update offered more of everything, spicing up the story with more options, more endings, and more chances to explore Japan with pretty young anime girls. Also, HNNNNGGGGGHHHHH

Makoto (with a ponytail that I’m totally imagining is there) is best girl.

No honorable mention for obvious reasons.

Soundtracks: Hibike! Euphonium

Note: For this category, I’m taking into account the soundtracks of all material over the past year. So that’s certainly a tall task. Also, the link above is to my “final thoughts” post that included the show, but I didn’t specifically talk about the soundtrack. I’m still planning on reviewing the anime once the BD release is completed.

Speaking solely of the music, this is pretty dang good. In particular, there are two halves to it – the expected background music, and then the orchestral stuff performed or listened to by the characters. The background music is a nice combination of pleasant accompaniment and more dramatic pieces, but the orchestral tracks really carry this. While it’s a bit odd to listen to outside the context of the show, you can hear multiple versions of several tracks, such as a mistake-riddled performance and then the improved version, or the final song from the last performance, with both of the trumpet solos. And yes, it does make a difference.

Natsuki is best girl.

Honorable mentions – Bloodborne and Nier. *cough cough*

Since I only wrote one “albums” post this year for some reason, I’m not including a general music category. Because I should be doing music posts a bit more consistently as part of my “Taking Out The Trash” cycle, I can guarantee it will be included next year. More info on that towards the end of this post.

The worst of what I covered:

Anime: Psycho-Pass 2


Since I technically finished this within a week of my “One Year Later” post going up, it counts for this one. And while I’d love to absolutely rail on it all over again, I’ll keep things simple. The first season of Psycho-Pass was an interesting sci-fi crime thriller that hit a great medium between action and detective work, and had an excellent antagonist in an interesting dystopia.

Psycho-Pass 2 takes a dump on all that. It emphasizes violence and shock over any actual mystery, the characters’ logic is as solid as water, the antagonist is as interesting as paint drying, and Shimotsuki should jump off of a bridge. Long story short, I wish I didn’t finish watching it. Whereas something like Shirobako got better with each new episode, Psycho-Pass 2 just kept getting worse and worse.

Akane is best girl probably.

Honorable mention – Glasslip

Games: Love Live! School Idol Festival


My post on this was just a week and a half ago, so I’d recommend reading it if you haven’t already. Basically, the rhythm game isn’t good, the collection mechanics aren’t good, the limit on how much you can play isn’t good, etc. It’s just not good. All it has going for it is the pretty young anime girls, but even then Nico pretty much cancels that out.

Eli and Maki are best girls. But really, anyone who isn’t Nico is okay. Relatively.

Honorable mention – Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

Visual novels: Nekopara, Vol. 1


Are you into bestiality? I’m not.

Whoever’s human is best girl. So I’m pretty sure that only leaves the little sister and unnamed side characters.

Soundtracks: Xenosaga Episode I – Der Wille zur Macht


This wasn’t a good game, and the music was a huge reason why. Every single battle besides the final boss had the exact same music, then there is generally dead silence outside of that and extremely repetitive music for more dire situations. I only remember hearing two different songs altogether, and neither of them were good even before they were replayed into oblivion.

KOS-MOS is best girl.

Honorable mention – A Certain Magical Index. THE MUSIC IS ALWAYS SO LOUD (I don’t actually remember anything about the music other than that)

Some quick info from the past year:

Despite over two-thirds of my total site views being from the past year, I actually had fewer spam comments. In a way, that’s disappointing.

My top 10 posts are all from the last year (based on likes), so that’s pretty cool. And surprising.

Also, there were a lot of searches from people clearly salty about Bloodborne being a PS4 exclusive. And a lot of people looking for Go! Go! Nippon!, Nekopara, and Sakura Spirit porn… And “anime girl porn lesbians.” So that’s exciting.

Outside of specific posts, the last year had quite a bit going on for the site. I was nominated for 4 Liebster Awards and the Real Neat Blogger award, which is pretty nifty!

* It’s of note that 32 of these would have been for the 30 Day Music Challenge.

Now on to other stuff – some of you might remember that I wrote another “Coming Soon” post about a week before I found out I was coming to Japan. Pretty much everything on there should be ignored, as it’s as likely as anything else I might do – and I have a lot of drafts in the works right now.

As for other posts, I have two things to “announce” – every month, on the 10th, there will be a new “Taking Out The Trash” post. The cycle will be consistent (anime, games, music, repeat), so on January 10th I’ll have a music post. I’m also considering one or two other monthly things to do, but nothing’s concrete yet. I have another post coming soon that will probably include any updates on that.

So anyways, thanks for everything once again, and have a happy Festivus! And later in the week, have a nice Christmas if you’re into that kind of thing. I’ll be on airplanes for about 14 hours, so that’ll be exciting.

If you want to read a story to get you in the Christmas spirit, you can do so here. I wrote this way back in 2009, when I was in 11th grade. If that’s not enough for you, I recommend Amagami SS, or, if you’re a masochist, the Star Wars Holiday Special.



Take your pick.

9 thoughts on “Two Years Later

  1. When I started my blog I was working a crummy job… sadly I am still stuck in that place.

    Bloodborne is a contender for my fave game of 2015. So is Nekopara. Cute cat girls make me go HNNNNGGGGGHHHHH.

  2. Congrats on both two years of blogging and finding a job you enjoy. I still like the Xenosaga trilogy as a whole but that’s just me.

    SHIROBAKO’s definitely one of 2015’s best shows and Glasslip from what I heard is one of the worst. Not interested in the latter.

    I play SIF for the girls. As a rhythm game there are obviously far better.

    1. Thanks!

      I still need to get around to Xenosaga II, maybe this week. Glasslip wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but there was pretty much nothing good about it.

      1. 4’s the best imo. When approaching 2…patience will be a virtue…I must admit.
        So I heard from most who saw Glasslip.

  3. Of course there is always room for improvement, never stop reading and putting serious time into your craft. But I enjoy what you do. Keep it up. And Merry Christmas/Happy Near Year.

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