30 Day Song Challenge, Day 31: The Recap

Here we are at the end of the challenge! I figured I should do a brief recap and actually include some songs I had on my mind that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

And once again, I’m sorry that there was almost a two week gap after day 26! I didn’t have a chance to prepare the rest beforehand, and during most of my job training I didn’t have internet available. I’m all moved in now, so that’s no longer an issue.

This first song is from a cool group combining plenty of different genres into a natural feeling yet energetic concoction. It’s not a mind-blowing combination, or anything as extreme as Babymetal or Focus, but it just works.

A common statement that I reiterated during this challenge was how much I had to think about some of the answers. Many of the questions seemed to either provide topics I had never considered, or simply topics that I didn’t have immediate answers to, and for several of them I know my responses were a bit half-baked. But either way, I’m very glad that I stuck with this to the end. Even if I did have to change one day’s topic completely and warp a few others.

Obviously I posted a bunch of Persona 3 and Pink Floyd tracks, which is far from a surprise to me. Persona 3 is not only one of my favorite games, but definitely has my favorite soundtrack of any video game. I’ve listened to it to an unhealthy degree. As for Pink Floyd, they have been one of my favorite bands since I started to seriously listen to music in middle school. And I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Then there are groups like Primus. I like them, but I can’t quite put my full thoughts on the band into words. Les Claypool’s pretty nifty on bass.

With only four exceptions, the covers I chose for the posts were music-related visually. For the majority, I just thought of whatever anime had a big focus on music, and screencapped points that looked like they could work. So most of them are from K-ON! (the movie specifically), Tari Tari, Hibike! Euphonium, and White Album 2, which are not only focused on music, but also a few of my favorites.

As for the four exceptions, they’re all directly related to the choices I made or the topic as a whole. For Day 9 (A Song That Makes You Want To Dance), the image was quite literally of a character dancing. Even if I completely changed my answers to a more relevant question. For Day 18 (A Song You Have As Your Ringtone), I used an image from the Bakemonogatari ending credits, since the song I chose played at that point during the show. For Day 28 (A Song That Reminds You of Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend), I had a picture of Andes Chucky, since the first song I mentioned was from the show (although the show itself isn’t real). And lastly, for Day 30 (The Theme Song To Your Life), I posted a picture of the Iwatodai Dorm from the first Persona 3 movie since the song I chose was the Iwatodai Dorm theme from the game.

If I could change anything about how I approached the challenge, I would have written everything well in advance, then tweaked things before posting, which is what I do for pretty much anything else I ever post. I don’t like posting first drafts, for various reasons.

As for similar challenges, I don’t expect to do something like this anytime soon. The timing worked fairly well this time since it was prior/during my move to Japan, so I wasn’t quite in the mood to write up any proper posts. I’m hoping to get back in the habit of posting fairly regularly now that I’m all settled in and will actually start working on Thursday. But to wrap things up, here’s a relatively appropriate song (watch FLCL).

Thanks for keeping up with all of this! I’ll have more posts soon!

The featured image is from Hibike! Euphonium.

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