30 Day Song Challenge, Day 26: A Song By Your Favorite Band

I don’t have a single favorite band, so instead I’ll go with a favorite song from four of my favorite bands. There’s one song from another particular band that I’m omitting because it will apply to day 29, and I would have included La Villa Strangiato if it wasn’t included with day 17.

Porcupine Tree’s Anesthetize smacked me in the face from the very first listen. With an amazing atmosphere, excellent performance from all members (especially Gavin Harrison on drums), interesting composition, and a guitar solo courtesy of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, it manages to do everything right and is without a doubt Porcupine Tree at their best. Steven Wilson, the guitarist and lead singer of the band, has also put out four excellent solo albums in a row, so that’s an acceptable replacement for Porcupine Tree being on indefinite hiatus.

I’ve already posted a few Pink Floyd songs for different topics, not only because the songs were appropriate to the questions, but because they’re easily one of my favorite bands. Echoes is probably my favorite track from the band. It includes things that they manage elsewhere, such as a thick and moody atmosphere, while also doing a far better job at building up over time, creating one of the most satisfactory songs ever – even if it is 23 minutes long.

As far as my favorite Muse song goes, I can never quite decide. I can normally narrow it down to three – Citizen Erased, Knights of Cydonia, and Butterflies and Hurricanes, which I’m including here. Mainly because I figured something piano-oriented and powerful would add some decent variety to this post.

Last up is supercell. Picking a favorite track from this group is always difficult, so I went with the one that had the biggest impact on first listen – Jikan Ressha (Time Train). It peaks and levels throughout the duration, but the climactic buildup is something that is hardly as potent elsewhere. It’s the type of song that grabs your attention and pulls you along for the ride, unable to turn away but instead just sit and listen.

The featured image is from the K-ON! Movie.

What do you think?

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