30 Day Song Challenge, Day 25: An Acoustic Song You Love

Acoustic music always acts as an interesting foil to typically “electric” music, stripping back instrumentation for a simple and focused approach to the music.

The Butterfly Effect’s acoustic version of their song Gone is the first song that came to mind for this topic. Without relying on the strength of sound that electronic instruments tend to provide, the band manages to re-present a good song in a format that somehow works even better. It’s minimalist in the best way possible, letting the composition and heartfelt vocals come through for the maximum effect, utterly eclipsing the original studio version of the track.

Next is Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. Where Gone worked as a fairly minimalist acoustic track, this combines multiple varying guitar tracks to add to the atmosphere, along with piano and other instrumentation to fill out the sound. While David Gilmour could certainly sit down with just one guitar and easily make the song work perfectly in the most stripped-back way possible, the original version still accomplishes everything necessary. And more.

And yes, this and the next song have electric bass, but who cares.

To bring a more cheerful approach, another acoustic song that I like is Led Zeppelin’s Hey Hey What Can I Do. The prior songs work as emotional tracks, but this is far more vibrant, carrying an energy that can pull in your attention.

The featured image is from Tari Tari.

What do you think?

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