30 Day Song Challenge, Day 23: A Cover Song

Hearing a musician put a different spin on a song than the original performer can always be interesting – many times it’s just a matter of them playing the song, not including substantial changes, but other times they transform it into something different. In either case, it’s normally at least worth a listen to compare.

Leading things off in this post is the Foo Fighters’ cover of Baker Street, originally by Gerry Rafferty. While the original song is something I had heard on the radio before, I never knew the name of it until I heard the Foo Fighters version many years later, which I definitely prefer.

Next is Metallica’s cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Tuesday’s Gone (which most people seem to know from Happy Gilmore). Despite being known as one of the main bands to bring “heavy” metal to the mainstream, Metallica managed to take this southern rock song and infuse more of a country element to it. I’m not a fan of country music, but this straddles the line pretty well.

Third up is something quite different. Wagakki Band (this literally means “Traditional Japanese Instrument Band”) is a group that covers many vocaloid songs, such as Senbonzakura (1000 Cherry Blossoms) originally performed by Hatsune Miku and written by Kurousa-P. Unlike the other two songs, I heard this cover before the original.

The original song lends itself very easily to the group’s general style, letting them bring their signature usage of koto, shamisen, and other traditional Japanese instruments into the fold alongside a typical rock setup. Wagakki Band’s cover is definitely my preferred version of the song (especially compared to that Lindsey what’s-her-name cover), both between the instrumentation and the vocalist’s enka-infused approach that can’t quite come through well via vocaloid.

The featured image is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

What do you think?

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