30 Day Song Challenge, Day 22: A Song That You Haven’t Listened To In a While

Most of the songs that would apply to this topic would also apply to an earlier one, day 14’s “A Song You Liked When You Were Younger.” However, there are definitely ones that slipped through the cracks over the years, so that’s what I’ll focus on here.

One song that came to mind for this topic is Pink Floyd’s Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun. The reason that I haven’t heard it in at least ten years is that my dad had a greatest hits compilation that included it, but once I started compiling my own music library, I never got the album that the song was originally from. It’s far from my favorite from the band, as Atom Heart Mother, released a few years later, is where I think they started to hit their stride.

As far as other songs go, it was very hard to think of something. If I haven’t listened to a song in a while, I’m not going to remember it very easily. So what I did is think back to songs I might have heard 5 to 10 years ago but never since. And with that mindset, a group of songs came to mind – ones from Disney movies. And while I watched things such as Lion King an unhealthy number of times, there are plenty others that I’ve only seen once or twice.

Specifically, I’m going to include two such songs for this post, the first being Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I only saw this movie once, when I was about 5, but I could still vaguely remember the song. I kind of feel like rewatching the movie now.

The other is I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Mulan. Sort of. I have no idea how often I watched the movie as a kid, but for the longest time I never heard the song until TeamFourStar “covered” it. So I suppose it qualifies.

The featured image is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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