30 Day Song Challenge, Day 21: A Song You Want To Dance To At Your Wedding

Whenever I go to a wedding, I come out thinking “That’s exactly what I don’t want to do.” And that’s half in regards to the DJ with no sense of tonal balance, resulting in non-existing mids and aggravatingly overblown bass that just sounds like ass, and half in regards to the nearly universally crappy music.

And then there’s the fact that I don’t/can’t dance. So a more accurate title for this post would be “A Song of Your Choice To Be Played At Your Wedding.” I’ll be as realistic as possible.

I’ll also only hire someone with a sense of proper equalization/volume control.

Simply thinking about this makes me feel a bit like a loser. I’m actually surprised that I was able to come up with so many ideas.

Ironically, despite my aversion to dancing, the first song to come to mind was Dance!, the main theme for Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Besides just sounding good for this context, the lyrics also match the setting perfectly. Even if they are kind of corny.

One song that could work as a crowd-pleaser to appease all the whiners complaining about “I don’t know that song!” could be The Beatles’ Oh! Darling, known to most humans and other animals on this planet (and maybe others as well). When I was working for Microsoft, some guy from Pakistan started quoting this and Billy Joel’s Piano Man while I was trying to help him.

Third up is another Persona track, this time from Persona 4. Your Affection is simple and effective, working either as something to actively listen and pay attention to, or basic background music.

Another song, and one that I’ve actually heard at a wedding before, is Michael Jackson’s Beat It. My main reason for choosing this over Thriller is because that wouldn’t be worth it without everyone doing the dance. And I wouldn’t be doing the dance. So Beat It is the song of choice.

Last (that I’m including audio for) is Déjà vu from The World Ends With You. Like Your Affection, it just works.

Honorable mentions:

nightmare ballet from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Rebellion
Everlong by Foo Fighters
– LOVE & ROLL by supercell
– Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai
Get Lucky by Daft Punk (huehuehue)
Gigantic O.T.N. by reol and GigaP (look up the lyrics)

I don’t foresee marriage anytime soon in my future, so this was all a bit of a fruitless venture.

The featured image is from FLCL.

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