30 Day Song Challenge, Day 17: A Song You Like Hearing Live

Seeing a band live is an experience that can’t quite be captured in words – instead of just hearing the music performed live in some venue, it’s an entirely different experience. So for this post, I’ll be including songs from three particular shows I’ve been to.

First off, without any shadow of a doubt, is nearly anything by Rush. But since I can’t just include a band’s full catalogue, I’ll go with one of my favorite songs of theirs, and one that they played at the show I went to in 2010 – La Villa Strangiato, an instrumental orgasm.

Next is Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark. More than just liking the song itself, and the band being fantastic performers, the song’s audience participation always brings a more haunting vibe than what the band alone could provide. It’s the quintessential Iron Maiden live song, and for very good reason.

And last is a track from Dream Theater, These Walls. While known for their technicality and complex composition (see: The Dance of Eternity), this is a song that is not only a bit more to-the-point, but has a massive sound and energy to it that few other songs of theirs manage to achieve as well.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any good live videos of this on YouTube. However, you should very easily see why it works so well.

The featured image is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

What do you think?

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