30 Day Song Challenge, Day 15: A Song People Wouldn’t Expect You To Like

In most cases, I think my taste in music is pretty straightforward. There are definitely the selections that are a bit… out there… but otherwise they’re somewhat consistent. These are some of the ones that don’t quite fit the mold, but to go along with tomorrow’s post, none of them are guilty pleasures.

Historically, I have never been a fan of choral music. School ensembles bored me, “professional” choirs tend to make me wish I was listening to something else, and the weird outliers that try to replicate a full band a capella just tend to sound horrible.

Then this came along. It offers the vocal harmonization of the main melody typical of chorus groups, combined with an interesting addition of a separate backing choir and full instrumentation. This song is half the reason I started thinking about reviewing the show.

Rap? Check. Synth-based instrumentation? Check. A song I liked from the first time I heard it? Check. While the components are things that I generally don’t care for, the result greatly exceeds the sum of parts, and of all songs on the album, this highlights it most clearly. Especially since Reol’s voice is addicting. For those who can’t read Japanese, the title is Ooedoranv. Whatever that means.

This next one is different. I would describe it as avant-garde metal, something that takes elements to far reaches without becoming completely unlistenable. It’s weird, but it’s the kind of thing I can definitely enjoy in moderation. Sort of. uneXpect is strange.

I could also tack on some classical/romantic pieces here, especially stuff for piano, but a favorite doesn’t quite come to mind at the moment. Dvořák is cool.

The featured image is from the K-ON! Movie.

What do you think?

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