30 Day Song Challenge, Day 14: A Song You Liked When You Were Younger

This was probably the most fun thing to think about, reaching back into my childhood and basically what kind of music I listened to before I really got into music during middle/high school. So the quality varies, but it was a nice nostalgiac look back at my ignorant days.

The first CD that I ever purchased, when I was about 5, was the soundtrack to Space Jam, one of my favorite movies at the time. Hell, I still like it. The most interesting thing about it to 5-year old me was how different a lot of the music was compared to what my parents listened to. While this hasn’t really affected my tastes down the line, Hit ‘Em High is by far the easiest to remember.

The first CDs that I ever received as gifts were two Backstreet Boys albums, embarrasingly enough. Oddly, I only remember one song from either of these discs, that being The Call. It’s not that bad. I guess.

Third up is Styx’s Come Sail Away. Unlike the other two, this is a song I would hear with my parents a lot of the time – my dad always had albums such as Styx’s, U2’s, and Pink Floyd’s greatest hits on rotation in his truck. While I’m honestly a bit burned out on the song after hearing it so many times over the years, I can still tolerate it. And the melody is burned into my brain.

Bonus song from the Space Jam soundtrack. (¬‿¬)

The featured image is from Persona 4.

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