30 Day Song Challenge, Day 9: A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

I am not into dancing. At all. So I’m going to spin this question into something more relevant to me (and for which I can provide a concrete answer) – songs that make me want to pick up my bass and play along.

The list could realistically be much longer than this, but I decided to limit it to four.

First, Metallica’s Jump in the Fire. This also works as a good warmup song, so whenever it comes on I’m tempted to not only play along to this song, but continue with plenty of others. The constant rhythm, straight eighth notes, and general scale form work together to get my fingers moving.

Another example is abnormalize, by Ling Tosite Sigure. This one has a bit more of a frantic feel to it, mostly as a result of the guitar, but the bassline provides the tonal girth necessary while still being straightforward.

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t include the full song. That’s where having the CD comes in handy.

Third would be pretty much anything by Rage Against the Machine. The groove of the rhythm section and relative simplicity make the lines fun to play along with, bouncing along and just being fun to play.

And for the final example, Rush’s YYZ. Although I can’t play a good chunk of it. Between his tone, style, and ability, Geddy Lee is one of the coolest bassists alive, and hearing some of his best work motivates me to put some effort in myself.

Fun fact: YYZ refers to Toronto’s airport code, as that’s where the members of Rush are from. The intro is those letters played in morse code.

The featured image is from Shirobako.

What do you think?

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