30 Day Song Challenge, Day 6: A Song You Can Always Relate To

As with yesterday’s, this is a question I had to think on quite a bit. “Always” is a bit of a stretch, but otherwise these work.

Just as a pre-warning, each of these songs drops the F-bomb once.

This first example relates in a very simple manner. Almost too simple.

Besides most of my attention being focused on the monolithic bass (or maybe… goliath. huehuehue), some of the lyrics can be interpreted with the idea being that the world is passing you by, but you’re trying to “wake up” and get on the ball. I’m a horrible procrastinator, and I’ve made some stupid decisions as a result of that and for plenty of other inexcusable reasons. However, I’m always trying to “wake up” to reality, to get things in line and move forward proactively rather than reactively. Fortunately, things do seem to be going that way for the time being.

Another example is Coheed and Cambria’s The Willing Well IV – The Final Cut. Without going too much into the specifics, this relates pretty blatantly to a past relationship, and how I felt towards the one responsible. The resulting emotion was mostly overwhelming bitterness, but only briefly what I would consider full-on hatred, and the situation is the main reason I’ve been single for so long. I guess it just burned me out on relationships and “romance” pretty early in my life.

The featured image is from White Album 2. Absolutely intentionally.

What do you think?

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