30 Day Song Challenge, Day 4: A Song That Reminds You of Something Sad

Honestly, the only songs that came to mind immediately are from soundtracks. But they’re still very appropriate.

My first choice for this topic is she is a witch from the first Madoka Magica movie (it was not in the TV series). This alone is about 70% of the reason why I watch the first six episodes of the TV series, then switch to the first movie. Story-wise the event already held plenty of impact, but the song originally used for it was pretty lacking. This new composition completely changed the mood of the situation into something with not only more impact, but a far bleaker contrast.

Out of context, this next choice probably makes no sense. Even from the same game, Persona 3, I’m sure most people would choose something differently for this topic, such as the credits theme or Living With Determination. But in the context of the game, this choice mostly relates back to a single line.

“Let’s do this.”

Last is Hosoi Rousoku No Akari No You Ni (translated, this is something along the lines of “Like Thin Candle Lights”) from Shirobako. This is the last song in the show, and while the show itself has a happy ending, the song is not only overflowing with bittersweet emotions, but reminds me of something simple – the show ending.

(That video has the full second half of the soundtrack, so the song I’m specifically talking about will end after 3 minutes or so. If the timestamp screws up, the song starts from 32:15.)

I do find it a bit strange that I don’t have any songs come to mind that remind me of sad real-life situations. I guess I’m just lucky in that regard.

The featured image is from Tari Tari.

What do you think?

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