30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1: A Song That Makes You Happy

Normally, I don’t listen to music in order to influence my mood. However, there are undoubtedly many songs out there that can easily brighten my day. Even if I do tend to prefer darker/atmospheric stuff.

The first things that come to mind for this topic would be half of the songs from K-ON!, specifically Ho-kago Tea Time’s songs or the opening themes. Plenty are overwhelmingly cheerful and energetic, dragging you into the music and bringing a smile to your face.

From the first time I watched through the series, the music was a highlight not only as a focal point of the show, but simply to listen to on its own. I think it would be nearly impossible for me to get upset while listening through the band’s tracks. Except Tenshi ni Fureta Yo. :(

Another example would be Devin Townsend’s Life, from his first (proper) album, Ocean Machine: Biomech. While better known for his variety of styles, this song is a bit more conventional, but with an uplifting tone and vibrance not captured elsewhere. The lyrics may not be the most optimistic, but the music itself does more than enough to get the job done.

The featured image is from the K-ON! Movie.

What do you think?

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