So, I’m not dead, but I figured I should clarify why I’ve been AWOL. Basically, it’s two things.

First, work. I’ve just been burned out lately, and I don’t want to force out half-assed posts just for the sake of getting something out.

Second, and related to the first, is that I have three job interviews this week. I finally decided to pull the trigger on applying for English teaching jobs in Japan, and the immediate response was far better than I anticipated – I heard back from 3 of 4. I hate my current job more every day, so I’m really going to push for these.

Over the next week I probably won’t post anything, but once I’m done with preparing for these interviews (since I actually need to write out a lesson plan for one of them, among other stuff and mental preparation) I have ideas stocked up that I can work on.

So it’s nothing earth-shattering, but that’s how stuff be.

8 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Working a crummy job is the main reason I struggle to put out more content too. All the best with the job interviews.

    1. Based on the interviews I’ve had, I’d say to try and get teaching experience of some type – either tutoring, helping out with a summer camp, or whatever else it may be. Obviously, if you have a teaching degree, that will go a long way too.

      1. Gotcha. Also, do you think you could go into more detail about what I should be expecting from the interviews and such. I’m really interested.

        1. A lot of it is the same you’d hear at any other interview – asking how your experience is relevant, what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are, that kind of thing. If you’re looking to teach somewhere where the main language isn’t English, you’ll probably be tested briefly so they can get an idea of how much you know. The only curveball question I got was when I was asked how my parents’ jobs influenced my decision to be a teacher – long story short, their jobs had no impact on my decision, so I just made something up.

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