The Liebster Award 2015

While checking up on what other WordPress users had written over the past few days, I noticed that a few had posted about the Liebster Awards. I was quite surprised to see that I was nominated in one of them!

When I started this blog a year-ish ago, I noticed a bunch of posts about the Liebster awards and this or that award and all this other stuff, but I never paid it much mind because I was a noob. Now that I’m a totally experienced professional (complete with mad CSS skillz), it’s actually a bit exciting to be recognized for the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this. But seriously, I got a papercut once.


The gist of what you’re supposed to do if nominated:

– Link back to whoever nominated you
– Answer the questions provided alongside your nomination
– Optional: State 11 facts about yourself (fwajajajaja)
– Nominate a bunch of deserving bloggers (the suggested number varied everywhere)
– Come up with 11 questions for those you nominate

So, to get this party started~

Overlord-G’s questions (and my answers):

1: Describe your dream anime setting/world if you were given the power to create one.

While a nice fantasy or super sci-fi setting can definitely work for me, my favorite settings are those that blend reality with fiction. For a more present day version, it would be something such as Academy City from A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railfun, which is simultaneously familiar and infused with the blatantly fictitious esper abilities (let’s just leave out the stupid magic side of things). Another example would be something like Meiji-era Japan, which had two very different cultures clashing and melding together – the long-standing tradition of ancient Japan alongside a general Western influence.


2: How are you able to balance your college/work life with your animeniac hobby?

I’m not quite sure that I can. During college, my priorities were always out of whack, and I would frequently put games, anime, or whatever else ahead of doing schoolwork and studying. I distinctly remember many days that I “missed” class to play Persona 3. Now that I’m working an awful job for consistent hours every week, I just use my free time to spontaneously do whatever I feel like, in particular spiting the idiot customers I deal with all day.

3: Name one anime that had greatly upset you?

AnoHana. I bashed my head off the desk about five times in rapid succession at one point during it, which messed with my decision-making skills and led me to write a terrible “review.”

4: Have you ever gone out with your special person to an anime/game/comic or any other otaku themed hobby convention?

My first full day in Japan, in the summer of 2013, I won an Akemi Homura figure from a UFO catcher on my very first attempt. When I went to Comiket 84 a few weeks later, I may or may not have had that figure in my backpack. So yes.


5: Favorite anime pet/mascot

The cat from Ghost Stories.

6: Was there ever an anime character who/that inspired you in some way?

Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion inspired me to be nothing like him. And Miyamori Aoi from Shirobako helped me to realize that perfection does exist.

7: Which do you enjoy more, visual novels or light novels? If you do not play VNs then replace it with manga, meaning “manga or light novels?”.

As a medium, I think I enjoy VNs (or manga) over regular books. Obviously the visuals are the main reason, as my overactive imagination doesn’t really extend to literature. VNs also have the advantage of sound, which can be a huge plus. Either way, they’re all very different experiences, and a good book will always be a good book.


8: Has watching subbed anime motivated you to one day learn to speak and read Japanese?

It was actually the other way around – learning Japanese pushed me away from dubs and is actually the main reason I got into watching anime as much as I do. Before then, I just watched whatever was on Netflix, which wasn’t very much three years ago. After that, I started to branch out a lot.

9: Is the human butt mightier than a sledgehammer?



10: Favorite anime weapon.

Misaka Mikoto.


11: Has a sports/game themed anime encouraged you to try out that sport/game? For Example: Yowamushi Pedal for biking or Shion no Ou for Japanese chess?

Chihayafuru really piqued my interest in karuta, something I didn’t even know existed beforehand. Not so much to try it myself, but I watched several professional competitions and it was awesome to watch how quickly they react.

Bonus: Yoshi or Chocobo?

Only one of these options can breathe fire.

11 quick facts:

– My favorite food is ice cream
– My favorite food is also buffalo chicken wing pizza
– My favorite food is also cheesecake, Japanese curry, chocolate, watermelon, and Dr. Pepper
– My backlog of games exceeds the number of games I’ve ever properly completed
– I wish I could go back to being a NEET
– My posts are nearly always written out of order and heavily reorganized multiple times
– I go on the Rail Wars site at least bi-weekly to see if they’ve updated the release date for the Vita game
– The main reasons I want to go back to Japan are to eat food and walk around aimlessly some more
– I frequently dish out scathing sarcasm, but people hardly seem to notice
– The most played album in my iTunes library is the Persona 3 soundtrack
– The most important quality that I look for in a woman is a ponytail

The hardest part of this post is actually the last one – spreading the award to others. It may make me sound like a loser, but I don’t actually read too many other blog posts. It’s normally just stuff from the blogs I frequent regularly or the random posts that catch my interest. Either way, here are three very deserving blogs:

Itadakimasu Anime
The Otaku Judge
Thoughts on Anime

Questions for the nominees:

1: 2D or 3D?
2: What was the anime/game/book/whatever that took you most by surprise, whether positively or negatively?
3: Windows, Mac, or Linux?
4: What is your guilty pleasure anime/game/whatever?
5: If you could meet one voice actor/actress, who would it be and why?
6: What is your biggest regret in life?
7: Time travel or teleportation?
8: Who is your least favorite character?
9: In a general sense, are you a sadist or a masochist?
10: What is your favorite musical genre?
11: What is your least favorite food?

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next post! Bye bye!


2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award 2015

  1. 1: 2D.

    2: I was recently surprised by how annoying season 2 of Kimi ni Todoke was compared the to funny first series.

    3: Windows

    4: Any fun fan service game (Criminal Girls. Senran Kagura, Monster Monpiece etc.)

    5: Hilary Haag cos she voiced Nene from Bubblegum Crisis (my first anime crush.)

    6: Not putting any effort into my studies.

    7: Teleportation.

    8: Shinji – inspired by your funny answer to question six.

    9: Sadist. This question makes me think of Kagero from Inu X Boku.

    10: Rock.

    11: I’m not a fan of sea food.

  2. I knew you’d reference the magnificence that is Sakurai’s butt when I mentioned that question.

    Aoi Miyamori is indeed perfection.

    AnoHana was not as good the second time I watched it.

    Great answers to all the questions good sir.

    The world you created would be a neat setting for a sci-fi show.

    Shinji is a bad influence.

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