One Year Later

As hard as it is to believe, one year ago today I started this blog. So to get this rolling, thank you to everyone who’s read any of my posts over the past year!

A year ago, when I started up this blog on Festivus, I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with it – in particular, reviews of anime and video games. Things didn’t turn out exactly as I might have expected (not to mention how crappy some of my early posts were), but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Over the past year, a lot of stuff has happened – I won a game from Atlus for my post on the Conception II demo, I found a link to my own post when looking for info on the PlayStation TV, and I suffered mental scarring from most of the search results that landed here. And besides all that, I wrote some pretty bizarre posts, such as my Top 10 Anime, review of Tsui no Sora, and the doujinshi “reviews” of the stuff I bought at Comiket 84. It’s been a strange year, but I’m glad I managed to keep up with it.

So, let’s take a look at the best and worst of the past year!

The Best

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion

Rebellion actually played a large role in me starting this blog. Not too long after seeing it in theaters, I considered writing a review for it, but up until that point the only review I had written was basically a pros and cons list for Shinsekai Yori. While it took a really long time for me to actually get around to it, I’m at least proud of the result – it was the most difficult review for me to write, but it’s definitely my best. Up until a week ago, my post on the LE blu-ray set was also my most viewed from the year, probably because people were looking for a review of the movie. Oh well, at least the actual review’s here now!

HomuHomu is best girl (of all time).

Honorable mention to Rail Wars! I don’t think I need to say why. *cough* Sakurai’s caboose *cough*

Persona 3 FES
Persona 3 FES

While I had some substantial issues with Persona 4 Golden, P3 is a different story entirely (pun intended). The story, characters, and duality of the gameplay made it tons of fun, even when it was a really long game. After playing it, this quickly rose to the status of my favorite, and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

Aigis is best girl.

Honorable mention to Atelier Rorona Plus. This game hits a delicate balance perfectly, executes moe slice-of-life excellently, and it’s just loads of fun and overflowing with charm.

Song of Saya / Saya no Uta
Song of Saya / Saya no Uta

Not a “proper” review, but oh well. It does everything right, using perfect visuals and audio to support the already weird story. And yes, I blurred the background in that picture. I figured everyone wouldn’t be interested in seeing the entrails lining the walls.

Saya is best girl?

Honorable mentions to Analogue: A Hate Story and Steins;Gate, both of which were nifty/10.

The Worst

Ano Hi Mita Hana wo Bokutachi Mada Shiranai
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, which roughly translates to “Crying: The Animation”

This was my first proper review. Looking back, it was pretty terrible, as it was basically me just complaining about everything in the show. I may eventually rewrite it and obliterate the old one from the face of the internet. Probably not.

Ex-ponytail-girl was best girl.

Honorable mention to Arata Kangatari. I didn’t even finish it, which is probably a good thing. At least Garzey’s Wing and Tsui no Sora were funny.

Anime Pirates (One Piece Online)
Anime Pirates: One Piece Online, also known as “how to get away with copyright infringement in the stupidest way possible”

This was just bad in about every way. There’s a reason that I considered doing a video review just to point out the plethora of issues (I’m still not ruling that option out). One example being how the game completely plays itself. I would only wish the experience of playing this game upon my worst enemies.

Jebediah is best girl.

Honorable mention to Lightning Returns (I’m totally going to post that soon™). Meh.

Sakura Spirit, also known as “Bap Simulator 2014”

Once again, not a “proper” review, but the VN is still remarkably bad. Besides some shiny female bits, this didn’t have anything going for it. At all. Not even remotely. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this.

Miyo is best girl. I guess.

No honorable mention here, the rest of the VNs I wrote posts for were all good!

Other quick info from the past year:

  • 118 posts in total
  • 3,123 spam comments (about 300 weren’t in English)
  • Most disturbing search term – “haruhi molested by madoka”
  • Most common search term – “Tsui no Sora”
  • Most enlightening search term – “eww 3d girls”
  • Most viewed post – Akiba’s Trip
  • Least viewed post – Bioshock Infinite

So, thank you so much to everyone who’s read my ranting from the past year!

Between work, enjoying the holidays, and sleeping, I think it’s safe to say I won’t be posting anything in the next few days besides some stuff I’ve already scheduled. Regardless, Happy Festivus/Merry Christmas/Have a nice Hanukkah/Enjoy some other celebration of your choice! And thanks again for being awesome!


No more ads and no more “.wordpress” in the URL – hooray!

7 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. I thought as an anniversary special you would show us what your “garbage truck” looked like. Some other time perhaps. Congrats on making it this far and keep on posting as much as you are able to when you are able to.

    Also, even though I was intrigued by the show at first when I reviewed it Ano Hana definitely has not aged well and Anaru is indeed best girl.

    Also you are right, Sakurai’s derriere is best derriere on Rail Wars.

  2. “Most enlightening search term – “eww 3d girls”

    I laughed. But technically that’s a phrase/sentence. Anyway, thanks for last year and hopefully many more.

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