Albums of a Week #13

Listen to music!

It is good for you, ya dig?

Start with this stuff here.

Ling Tosite Sigure – still a Sigure virgin?


Genre – Indie Rock, progressive rock, post-hardcore

Instrumentally, this is a really nifty album – it’s a bit like math rock, but way cooler than any math rock bands I’ve ever heard. The frantic guitar, sexy bass (sweet baby Jesus that tone is to die for), and atypical drumming all work together excellently, bringing a fresh yet not totally unnatural sound to the table.

The vocals on the other hand, are a bit of a mixed bag. The female singer is great, and the songs she has a significant role in all benefit from her inclusion. The male singer ranges from fine, fairly typical singing to high-pitched wailing and screaming, and that’s my biggest issue with the band. Altogether, this is definitely worth checking out – just don’t expect the most pleasing vocals from the guy.

Recommendation – illusion is mine, I was music, Can you kill a secret?

Devin Townsend – Z² – Dark Matters


Genre – Progressive metal, industrial metal, experimental rock

In 2007, Devin Townsend unleashed an album that focused on a 4th-dimensional guitar-wielding alien in search of the universe’s ultimate cup of coffee. Now, seven years later, we get the long-awaited sequel.

Dark Matters is very different from its predecessor, Ziltoid the Omniscient. Instead of smacking you in the face with a baseball bat as soon as you hit play, this focuses more on setting up the tone and story. As a result, the album is far less metal, with more emphasis on the narration and other crazy stuff instead of blazing fast double-bass. I would say it doesn’t live up to ZTO, but it’s still a great album, especially as a “conclusion” to Ziltoid’s story. Indeed.

Recommendation – From Sleep Awake, March of the Poozers, War Princess

Tatuki Seksu – Hanazawa EP


Genre – Shoegaze, J-pop

This person took Hanazawa Kana songs and remixed them into shoegaze tracks. While that might seem like a weird combination, the result isn’t too bad, even if it’s pretty standard fare for the genre. The instrumentation is very atmospheric, with noisy fuzzed-up chords overriding distinct notes, and the vocals set a bit further back in the mix than usual. Basically, if you’re a HanaKana and/or shoegaze fan, check this album out.

Recommendation – There are only five songs, so just listen to them.

OSI – Blood


Genre – Progressive rock, progressive metal

OSI is one of those bands that people expected a lot from – their members were all from well-established prog bands and they even had guest roles from some of the biggest names in the scene on their very first album. Blood, their third release and first with Gavin Harrison on drums, is easily their best. While Kevin Moore’s vocals are fairly bland, they fit well enough with the general ambiance.  The atmospheric keyboards, heavy guitar and bass, and drums that straddle the line between prog technicality and metal force forge an awesome sound that carries throughout the album. From beginning to end, this is a fantastic ride.

Recommendation – Blood, Radiologue, The Escape Artist

Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose


Genre – Alternative rock, post-grunge

The Foo Fighters are one of those bands that pretty much everyone has heard – ever since The Colour and the Shape came out in 1997, they’ve been all over the radio, they’ve gotten more and more popular, and, by many accounts, they’ve only gotten better and better. Whereas the the albums that came beforehand had a definite grunge influence (Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana after all) There is Nothing Left to Lose took things in a different direction, taking a more melodic approach and building songs with fewer overlapping lines. Even so, the result includes of their strongest songs, making this one of their best albums.

Recommendation – Aurora, Stacked Actors, Learn to Fly

The Death Panels – White America Sux


Genre – Punk, noodlewave, post-music

If the album art didn’t clue you in, this is an odd album. But it’s odd in a good way… right?

Recommendation – Introducing… Count Swagula, Is Death Panels a Real Band?

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