Quote of a Week #22

“You won’t get no honey for no money.”

– some creepy guy, personal experience

So yeah, last summer I was in Tokyo. On my second day there, a creepy eastern European guy with about three teeth asked if I wanted to “rent a girl.” At 10 am. After refusing, he tried to guilt me with this line.

Featured image from personal experience (aka near the scene of the crime).

5 thoughts on “Quote of a Week #22

  1. Well, at least the quote was appropriate for the situation (provided there was even a girl to be rented).

    1. I would assume so. A few days later I accidentally wandered into a shady part of town where more people asked me the same general question, and they had posters out front with pictures of all the girls. One guy was straight to the point with his question – “Hi. Sex?”

  2. I will keep that most valuable lesson in mind as I clean up my room to invite a “certain guest”.

    1. I’m not too sure the moral of this story is applicable in everyday life, but if it works for you, I suppose that’s a good thing.

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