Arata Kangatari

In this post, I will explain how Arata Kangatari is a poorly done ripoff of Garzey’s Wing. If you’re thinking to yourself, “But these stories are completely different!”, then you are wrong.

Arata Kangatari follows Arata and Arata, two people who conveniently look similar and have the same name, as they swap places. Arata 1 goes to a mystical world with magic and confusing politics, and Arata 2 goes to a boring world with high school protagonists and confusing politics. Before the swap, Arata 2 is accused of murdering the resident loli, and Arata 1 has to deal with the repercussions. As the story progresses, Arata 1 learns more about the mystical world, but barely accomplishes anything, while Arata 2 does nothing substantial. Basically, it’s Garzey’s Wing all over again.


First, let me provide a quick overview for both stories:

– The protagonist ends up in a world with magic and stuff

– The protagonist has an “other self” still in the real world

– The protagonist and his “other self” try to work together through limited contact

– The protagonist is a normal person in the real world, but special in the other

– The protagonist is enlisted to help some super important woman

– The protagonist has a female sidekick

– The female sidekick serves no substantial purpose

– The “other self” is mostly irrelevant

– The story sucks

– The fight scenes are boring

– There are fictional animals with stupid names

– All of the characters are really stupid

– Space magic


As you can see, the stories are extremely similar conceptually. As in, they’re so similar that Arata Kangatari is obviously a ripoff. And just to clarify – I dropped the show halfway through since it was giving me a headache, and decided to watch Garzey’s Wing instead.

Here are some of the (irrelevant) differences between the two anime, also known as the things the AK creators shoved in to differentiate it from the superior material.

– AK looks a bit better

– AK sounds a bit better

– In AK, there are two distinct protagonists who switch places, whereas Chris is split into two entities in GW

– In GW, there isn’t a stupid bullying subplot

– In GW, Chris wasn’t accused of murder

So… they really aren’t that different at all.

Recommendation: Watch Garzey’s Wing.


I just saw what my blog looks like in 1080p, and now my OCD is going to kill me.

“Quality” posts coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Arata Kangatari

  1. I’ve never seen Garzey’s Wing – but I picked up Arata (the manga) because the art looks nice and I usually like Yu Watase. It looks like she was trying to branch into shonen manga, though – maybe do a light-hearted male version of Fushigi Yugi. She didn’t exactly succeed.

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