Quote of the Week #14

“Aigis? What a strange name. I wonder if she was born overseas. Let’s see… anything else I should know… Hm? Humanoid tactical weapon? What on Earth? Clearly, that’s a mistake. It just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you read.”

– Ms. Toriumi, Persona 3

Featured image from pixiv user itou.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week #14

  1. I look forward to the P3 review. My only experience with the game is the PSP version, so I have not tried FES.

    1. I would definitely say that FES is superior, and the only changes I really liked about P3P were the female protagonist and direct control of all team members. Omitting the anime cutscenes and character models actually moving during events are easy examples of things that diminish the experience.

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