First Impressions – Spring 2014 Anime

While I’m actually not caught up with everything from last season yet (which is why I haven’t done an end-of-season post), I decided to check out the first episodes of a few series that seemed worth checking out. Unlike last season, I will not attempt watching twelve shows.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders


If you haven’t seen the first season yet (the one that aired from 2012-2013), watch it. Then watch this. And you will appreciate the manly manliness, the incredible posing, the psychedelic colors, and the crazy story. This is the only show I can guarantee watching from beginning to end, and I do not expect to be disappointed by it. I can’t wait to hear what they picked for the ED either – topping Roundabout will be difficult.

 Mekaku City Actors

Glorious head-tilts? #ThankYouBasedMadoka

Conceptually, I had no idea what to expect for this one. Before watching the first episode I only knew that it was based on a series of vocaloid songs from Jin, and that Shaft would be animating it. Being a fan of Shaft, this series is probably the one I am most inexplicably interested in, and while this episode turned out to be very confusing, I’m sure the necessary details will come soon.

My only substantial complaint from the first episode is that it looks just like the Monogatari Series (and the clockwork thing at the beginning of the episode reminded me of Homura’s shield from Madoka Magica). Shaft’s distinct visual style was inevitably going to be present, but they should have changed things up a bit, such as the general appearance of the city or the crosswalk lights, which look just like the ones from the first episode of Bakemonogatari.

Update: Even though it sounds like I’m simply complaining about the visual style, it actually fits the anime very well.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

They’re blood siblings. He said he was joking, but…

One of the first things you’ll notice when watching this show is the incestuous undertones. It’s pretty awkward. In the first two episodes, nothing has really happened to set up what direction the story is heading, but it’s sort of started to show how magic works and leaves the protagonist as a cool-headed and mysterious character (at the cost of a personality). The whole “blooms” and “weeds” thing seems pretty stupid, so I’m really hoping that doesn’t play a large part in the future.

Selector infected WIXOSS


Children’s card games with high stakes. So, if I lazily compare this to Yu-Gi-Oh!, just assume that it’s an adequate explanation. If this goes in the direction I think it might, it should become very interesting, but I won’t get my hopes up.

Update: I just watched the second episode, and I already have a few issues. They don’t explain any of the mechanics of the card game, so it’s impossible to know what’s going on outside of the few details the characters mention. Also, they take everything way too seriously – the second card game has several of the characters dramatically saying it’s “horrible” while all that’s happening is someone’s losing a one-sided game. I really hope it doesn’t keep this up.

No Game No Life


The entire concept of this seems a bit interesting – an entire world governed by wins and losses in games. While the first episode merely set up the protagonists’ situation in arriving there, the fact that it won’t be as straightforward as first expected is very welcome – cheating is basically encouraged, so long as you aren’t caught. The weird relationship between the siblings is a bit meh, but I’d like to see what they do with the story here.

 Akuma no Riddle


The first episode was basically just setting things up, so I don’t have much to say on this yet. I imagine it will turn into a battle royale type deal, with the protagonist guarding Ms. Pink hair.

Black Bullet


Black Bullet is sort of like Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan, except with things being a bit more “normal” – humanity isn’t nearly as confined, everything is more contemporary, and defeating the enemy monsters, the Gastrea, falls to the lolis who just happened to be born with the strength to defeat them. No, seriously, all of the special ones with the abilities are little girls, although the main character is your typical high school-aged male.

The OP from fripSide started out a bit too reminiscent of the Shingeki no Kyojin OP, but turned out along the lines of what I’d expect from them. As a whole, nothing with significant impact has happened yet, but I’m looking forward to where the story progresses.

Soul Eater Not!

If you’ve already seen Soul Eater, this is a familiar sight. Otherwise, you’ll probably just have nightmares.

Besides the jarring difference in character design from the parent series, this turned out to be about what I expected. As the name implies, it shouldn’t be compared to the original series – where Soul Eater was a straight-up action anime, this one is more of a slice-of-life/school life story that merely takes place in the same universe and has some overlapping characters.

Besides these, I’ll probably check out another show or two – in particular, I’m sure I’ll watch an episode or two of the ping pong and Atelier anime. If I do check out anything else in the next few days, I’ll update this list with it.

Is there anything this season that you’d consider a must-watch? Have you already dropped something? And what do you have the highest expectations for?

2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Spring 2014 Anime

  1. I’m interested in Jo-jo being your choice for a definite complete watch; I watched the first episode and also loved the animation style. I’ll have to check out episode 2 and see how it goes. I’m watching all the other shows on your list apart from Soul Eater Not! Must watches this season I’d say so far in look like Sidonia no Kishi, Ping Pong and One-Week Friends.
    I tried out Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou and Seikoku no Dragonar but they weren’t for me so I’ll be dropping them. I’d say my highest expectation is for Sidonia no Kishi – just one ep. in and I’m already eager to watch the next. Great to get your thoughts on these shows!

    1. I’d say that JoJo is definitely worth the watch. I’ve heard good things about One-Week Friends, so that’s something I’m sure to check out before too long. And while I haven’t heard much about it, I’ll likely give Sidonia no Kishi a shot as well.

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