Review (?) – Mahou Shoujo Nanika Magica

In my review of The Bizarre Melancholy of Haruhi Diomiya, I mentioned buying a doujinshi at Comiket with “a half-naked character partially covered by a label saying ‘Not adult only.'” Well, here it is.

Despite the confusing cover, there is no nudity or anything in this post (or in the book for that matter). I apologize in advance for any mental scarring.


Alternatively titled Puella Magi XXX Magica (it has both of these titles on the cover), Mahou Shoujo Nanika Magica is a strange book from Bunmoekaika (文萌開花). I say strange, because there isn’t quite a better way to put it. While the “not adult only” label is accurate, the cover remains confusing and the content is simply odd.

The book is broken into three sections with three distinct art styles, although the first is far longer than the other two. The first story starts off with Akemi Homura waking up and realizing that something is wrong – in particular, that she is now a male, evidenced by a strange detail (admittedly, I didn’t realize this until after I bought the book). It’s not actually as straightforward as “she woke up one day and was a guy,” but I’m avoiding spoilers for the series.

Please excuse the terrible, terrible translations.

Just pretend the text makes sense.

Stuck in such a ridiculous situation, Homura simply wants to figure out what caused the issue and how to get past it. And obviously, Kyuubey is the only one who might be able to provide the answers that she (he?) is looking for.


Soon after, we are presented with a familiar scene (well, if you’ve watched at least the first episode of the show) – Homura transferring in. Although this time is a bit… different.


The rest of the story is… strange. I’ll just provide the rest of the scans I did (there are several pages not included, so it jumps around a bit).






While the background art is mostly nonexistent (which isn’t unusual for a doujinshi), I liked the artist’s character designs, even if everyone’s heads seemed out of proportion. The story… well, while I left out about 2/3 of the pages, you can still get an idea for what happens as long as you can decrypt jive. It leaves off on a rather odd note, so I’m curious whether or not the artist will ever release a sequel – I can always hope.

The second and third stories in the book once again follow Homura, but the scenario is completely different. Retaining her original gender, she is merely trying to stop Kyuubey from contacting Madoka, although her intended methods are quite unorthodox. Each of these two stories shows her attempting this in a different manner, ultimately with the same general results.



While I definitely prefer the art style for the first story, these work fine for the very short stories they’re telling. The latter even included the necessary image of Homura with Madoka’s panties.

Overall – this was an interesting doujinshi to get, and definitely worth the 400 yen or whatever it was that I paid for it. More than anything else, it gets points for being memorable.

I did all the “translations” really late the other night, so they weren’t even remotely accurate before I threw them into three different jive translators. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My next post will be sane, most likely a review of Madoka Rebellion.

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