Question – Should I Write a Commissioned Post?

Okay, so I ended up in a bit of an unexpected situation. I got an email yesterday about writing a post or review for a browser-based game on my blog, for which I would be paid. After following up with the message, I learned that the “guaranteed financial reward” would be a 10% commission on purchases made from links on my blog.

The money wouldn’t be the deciding factor for me (assuming I even got any), it’s whether or not I think this post and the required gameplay will be worth my precious time during spring break. And just to clarify, this is not a “write a positive review and we’ll pay you” deal. If I do this, I will be giving my honest thoughts.

The company, the game, etc, are all legitimate, but the circumstances were very surprising – so now I ask, should I do it? This is most likely completely dependent on the poll results, so have at it.


The featured image, which is from Hyouka, is completely unrelated.

6 thoughts on “Question – Should I Write a Commissioned Post?

  1. It seems like that basically works the same way as putting regular adds on the blog (though those don’t require you to write anything). But I don’t think there is a problem with doing this sort of thing, making a game review might be interesting, especially if you are at least somewhat interested in browser games =)

    What I am surprised about is that they expects people to purchase a browser game O.o They usually are free to play, aren’t they?..

    1. From the little bit I looked at the game (I have yet to play it), it seems like all purchases would be optional micro-transactions, and playing the standard game is completely free – this is also why I wouldn’t expect to get anything from the commission. I’m actually not too interested in browser games, so this is something I’d only be doing if it was for this commissioned post.

  2. It’s up to you really. As much as I enjoy writing reviews about stuff I like, doing it as a job kinda makes me feel pressured to, like you said, “write a positive review to get paid”. If you trust the people and could use some extra bucks, go for it. If not, don’t bother. Your call.

    1. I don’t feel too pressured about it, I’d try and look at it like any other post I do. The main issue is just that this is something outside of the norm for me, so it’s not a sort of “inspired” idea like my normal stuff. More money would always be nice though.

  3. It’s cool to get approached to pen a review, although I am not sure I would accept. Whoever made you the offer is being a tad sneaky by saying it’s guaranteed financial reward when in fact its a commission.

    Was the game the One Piece one?

    1. It did sound a bit shady in the beginning, which is why I did a lot of research on the company and their practices before making this post.

      And yes, it was the One Piece game. Unfortunately.

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