Albums of the Week #5

This week’s kind of weird. Well, except for the last one. Enjoy?

Muse – The 2nd Law

This isn't the actual album art, but it's close enough... right?
This isn’t the actual album art, but it’s close enough… right?

I actually had to go and revisit this album yesterday because it’s been so long since I’ve listened to it from beginning to end. Frankly, calling this album disappointing doesn’t adequately describe how bad it is. This feels like Muse trying to shove several influences into lackluster songs that are frankly a chore to listen to, and the overall experience is a complete mess. This album is the kind of thing people point to when they say that innovation (if you even want to be generous enough to call it that) isn’t always good. And hearing people say that this album is an improvement over The Resistance baffles me. The highlights of the album (AKA the ones I sometimes don’t skip) are Supremacy and Survival. Be warned though, the lyrics for Survival are ridiculously cheesy. 

Genre: Alternative rock, new prog, electronic rock, symphonic rock, bad

Primus – Frizzle Fry


Do yourself a favor and listen to the song Too Many Puppies. That’s all I need to say.

Genre: Funk metal, experimental rock, alternative metal

Faunts – Feel.Love.Thinking.Of.


My introduction to this band was the song M4 (Part II), which played during the ending credits of Mass Effect. While the EP that song came from was nothing amazing as a whole, the album that succeeded it, this one, was a nice improvement, and definitely has my favorite song from the band – Lights Are Always On. The band succeeds with a tasteful combination of electronic rock and space rock tendencies, ultimately resulting in a great listening experience.

Genre: Electronic rock, dream pop, new wave, space rock

2 thoughts on “Albums of the Week #5

  1. I have to agree in that is not the best album of Muse, but it has good songs.
    Besides Supremacy and Survival there is also Madness and Unsustainable.
    But in my case my favorite album will be between Absolution and Origin of Symmetry. Those have most of my favorite songs from Muse :D

    1. It’s kind of funny that you mention Madness and Unsustainable, as they were two of my least favorite songs on the album.

      However, I do agree with you on OoS and Absolution – those are my favorites from them as well, with BHAR close behind.

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