Albums of the Week #4

If the genre tags are anything to go by, this week consists of three great “alternative rock” albums. Enjoy!

ONE OK ROCK – Jinsei × Boku =


I only recently heard about ONE OK ROCK, so when I saw that they just released a new album last year, I decided to start there. To say that this album was a pleasant surprise would be a massive understatement. While it didn’t hit me right off the bat, this album is without a doubt awesome, and I cannot wait to hear what else this band has to offer. Without knowing it, I had actually heard one of the songs before in the live-action  Rurouni Kenshin film – The Beginning. I went into this with high expectations and not only found it to be a great album, but a fantastic introduction to the band that’s left me craving more. Also noteworthy is the generally good Engrish, although Be The Light is a clear exception to that. I’d recommend listening to ONION!Deeper Deeper, and The Beginning.

Genre: Alternative rock, post-hardcore

Jolly – The Audio Guide to Happiness


The Audio Guide to Happiness was actually released in two halves, with the entire album utilizing binaural beats. Unlike the example on Wikipedia, where the dissonance is audible, the frequencies on the album are so close that the difference is unnoticeable. While this just seemed like a pointless gimmick to draw attention to the album, the music turned out to be very good, and while listening to both halves sequentially can be a bit exhausting, each half individually makes for a very enjoyable listen. For the first half, check out Joy, and for the second check out Firewell.

Genre: Progressive rock, alternative rock

Them Crooked Vultures


When I heard that a supergroup was being formed by Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), it was impossible to limit my expectations. Fortunately, the album delivered, even if it is clearly not music for everyone. If you’re familiar with Queens of the Stone Age, that would be the closest comparison to make, but it is clearly a different entity, bolstered by Homme on guitar and vocals, Grohl on drums and vocals, and JPJ on bass, keys, mandolin, and more. Check out the song Elephants for my favorite of the album, and check out Interlude with Ludes if you’re interested in hearing the weird side of things.

Genre: Alternative rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock

Random note – I noticed two weeks in a row now that my lame collage for the featured image has the center image appearing narrower than the others – am I the only one noticing this? It’s clearly an optical illusion (all three portions are the same width), but I don’t know if it’s because of the colors or something else.

5 thoughts on “Albums of the Week #4

  1. I noticed the optical illusion too. You’re not alone :-)

    Haha, Be the Light‘s English was fairly average. Too many “floms” and stuff, and “go-…. D” in the first line. Among others. I do think it just stands out more in ballads though, with the greater focus on vocals. But Taka’s English is much better than most Japanese singers, so I’m happy enough when he uses it a lot. If you liked this album, you’ll probably enjoy their previous album Zankoku Reference.

      1. Yeah, in the faster-paced songs issues with his English aren’t as noticeable – a big part of that is that people sort of lose their accents the louder and faster they sing (a lot of the time).

        I was originally planning on working through their discography backwards, so that seems like a good starting point, thanks!

  2. For my case I’m only interested for the Them Cooked Vultures album. Dave Grohl always delivers excellent music, and having also 2 artists that are as well epic, you know this can lead to excellent music. I obviously prefer their original music, in this case Foo Fighters :D

    1. I prefer the original bands over TCV as well, but I would absolutely love for them to put out another album. Dave Grohl and Josh Homme are still making awesome music, and JPJ is just an awesome player, so the three of them would definitely provide another album of enjoyable music.

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