Albums of the Week #3

Here are the albums of the week, now including two soundtracks that overlap with an earlier post. Regardless, these three were bound to show up eventually.

Pink Floyd – Meddle


While everyone and their mother has heard Dark Side of the MoonWish You Were Here, and The Wall, my favorite Pink Floyd albums have always been Meddle and AnimalsMeddle in particular has what is probably my favorite Floyd song – Echoes. While this type of slow, atmospheric music is certainly not for everyone (especially with Echoes being 23 minutes long), if you’re a fan of mellow prog rock or have simply never had this album show up on your radar before, check it out.

Genre: Progressive rock

Sawano Hiroyuki – Kill la Kill


While I couldn’t decide on any one in particular, I mentioned Sawano Hiroyuki’s soundtracks in my Top 10 OSTs post. Recently, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for Kill la Kill pretty frequently, and while I’m not sure about if being my favorite of the three I’ve heard, it certainly is quite the interesting album. The first thing I noticed was the strange titles for the songs, half of which are variations of the anime title – Kiryuu G@ KiLL, Kiryuu ha KILL, Hiru La lill, etc (these look pretty crazy with the original Japanese characters in there as well). While there aren’t any single tracks that are completely encompassing the various styles across the album, check out Before my body is dry. DON’T LOSE YOUR WAYYYYYY~

Genre: There’s rock-ish stuff, metal-ish stuff, electronic-ish stuff, orchestral-ish stuff…

The Pillows – FLCL OST No.3


And following up on one soundtrack, I felt the need to include this one simply because I completely forgot about it in my OST list. Rather than retroactively replacing something, I decided to just give it a spot here. The entirety of the soundtrack is made up of songs by The Pillows, a Japanese alt rock band. While FLCL is easily memorable for how whacky it is, the music remains the best part and provides a great experience as a part of the series or on its own. While I haven’t listened to The Pillows outside of this soundtrack yet, it’s safe to say that I’d be interested in hearing more – this music is awesome.

Genre: Alternative rock, indie rock, power pop

9 thoughts on “Albums of the Week #3

  1. Before my body is dry is a pretty awesome song. I admit I wasn’t too keen on the rap at first, but it’s really grown on me and I like how the female/male vocals are like the Ryuuko/Senketsu thing. Even the Engrish is fine. Plus it has the BEST HOOKL LINE.

    1. My main issue on first listen was how incredibly corny some of the English lines were, but I’ve pretty much gotten used to it at this point. While the rap didn’t bother me, some of the other songs on the album had aspects I didn’t care for, but nothing too bad.

      1. Haha yeah, like “I gotta find out who killed my dad”? That line always makes me lol. Tbh I think most of Hiroyuki Sawano’s English lyrics aren’t that great, I’m mostly in it for the music.

        1. That’s it exactly! I probably wouldn’t have paid too much attention to the lyrics if that line didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

  2. There’s a lot of people that would agree with you on Meddle, but I’m not one of those, as I am a Wish you were here fan.
    I mean for me Shine on you crazy diamond is one their best songs, and even better as a type of tribute song to Syd Barrett.

    1. When it comes to 1970s Floyd, it’s pretty much all fantastic. My preferences just seem to center on two of the albums I feel a lot of others overlook. Wish You Were Here certainly is a great album (and Shine on You Crazy Diamond is awesome), along with the other two that I mentioned.

      1. Once I think about this idea you make of “albums of the week”, it’s a great idea to remind me of great albums that I heard before but not recently.
        Maybe I’ll do something similar to this, because I want to remember some great albums not related to jpop or related. Maybe instead of albums could be songs, but then again this idea of yours made me want to try something like this :)

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