Thoughts So Far – Winter 2014 Anime

Since we’re at about the halfway point for anime airing this season, I figured I’d give a “thoughts so far” post to add on to what I said after the first episodes. As a whole, this season is going well, but it doesn’t quite have the types of standouts that I noticed all last year. If you’re interested in my initial thoughts from the beginning of the season, you can see them here.

Just as a weird general note on this season – it seems like there’s a lot more emphasis on color – not just in how colorful things are, but also in how color is utilized. It works for me though, I love me some pretty colors.

Space Dandy – dropped


My main issue with Space Dandy was that I consistently found the jokes unfunny, the plot and characters uninteresting, and everything generally boring. Okay, I guess that’s three things. In addition, the framerate drops during heavy action can get pretty ridiculous. If I hear that it improves significantly later on, I’ll pick it back up – otherwise, I’m just planning on getting the sextastic soundtrack when it becomes available.

Super Sonico The Animation – still watching


This show isn’t very good. It’s certainly not awful, but it’s plotlessness without too much else going for it. I don’t expect to drop this, but I am hoping it becomes a bit more interesting in some way, shape, or form. A show needs more appealing aspects than a clumsy large-breasted protagonist in order to be good. It’s definitely a bit funny at times, but all of the gravure idol photoshoots feel unnecessary, the weird fanservice in the concert episode was just… weird… I do like the OP though, and the variety in the EDs is nice.

pupa – still watching (barely)


If you’re going to watch this, just wait till the end of the season. It’s bad. I’m only watching it because it will collectively take up less than an hour of my time. It’s bad. Like really bad. Censoring aside, the story just bounces from one point to another with barely anything holding plot points together, leaving the characters as completely lifeless, any actual progression in the plot feeling forced, and everything in general just feeling worthless.

Noragami – still watching


At this point, I would say that Noragami is my favorite of the season. It’s nothing amazing yet, but it does enough things right (humor, characters, concepts, visuals, etc.) to remain thoroughly interesting. The main character especially seems very interesting and is fortunately not your typical “help everyone out because I’m just a nice guy like that” guy. The soundtrack is very unconventional, but it fits in well enough – it’s a similar situation to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Except without Roundabout guaranteeing an awesome ED – the OP is very cool though, one of my favorites in general.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Ren – still watching


Fortunately, this season seems to be following the SOL/comedy route rather than being all dramatic, but it still hasn’t measured up to the better parts of the first season yet. If you enjoyed the first season, follow it up with the second and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Rikka is still cute.

Seitokai Yakuindomo * – still watching


This season is surprisingly more enjoyable than I expected. The majority of the jokes are more or less the same as the first season (sex jokes, constantly pointing out Suzu’s height, etc.), but it feels like something is being done better. Maybe it’s because of the addition of Saito Chiwa to the cast. Maybe it’s because of more Hata. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the episodes at about 2 am. Who knows.

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga. – dropped

No picture, it doesn’t deserve one. Steer clear, it’s awful. Apparently this turd is getting a live action adaptation, which absolutely baffles me. I’m curious as to how they’ll get the around what was censored in the anime. Creative camera angles? Pixellation? I don’t care enough to actually watch it.

Sakura Trick – still watching


Unless you’re allergic to PG(13?)-rated yuri, you should give this show a try. It remains funny and cute with a decent cast and nice visuals. So basically, it’s a good SOL. Despite the fact that it’s from Studio Deen, it’s actually good and not of the same low quality that’s normally associated with their adaptations. *cough* Pupa and Fate/stay night *cough* Also, I’m hooked on the OP.

Nobunagun – on hold


Nobunagun isn’t really bad, it just hasn’t done anything very interesting yet. I’m putting this one on hold for a while – I’m planning on picking it back up whenever I feel motivated to or just marathoning it at the end of the season. One thing I have to say though – I love how they use color. You can get an idea for what I mean from the screencap.

Nobunaga the Fool – dropped

I dropped this one during episode 2. It would best be described as thoroughly meh. Between the strange concept and general lack of any redeeming qualities (besides Miyano Mamoru as Oda Nobunaga), I just didn’t care enough to watch more.

Witch Craft Works – still watching


What she didn’t clarify is that alpacas would be allowed in. This show is still absolutely ridiculous, but I don’t care because I am enjoying it for all its wackiness. I’m hoping that Obama-kun makes a reappearance at some point, because every show needs some more random Engrish thrown in. Oh yeah, and I can’t get the ED out of my head, for better or worse.

Nisekoi – still watching

Chitoge Kirisaki
Kirisaki Chitoge
Onodera Kosaki
Onodera Kosaki

Between Chitoge and Onodera, I’m not 100% sure which one is best girl – any insight would be helpful. Anyways, it’s quite obvious who directed this if you’ve seen any of Shinbo Akiyuki’s other works, but that is certainly not a problem for me – although it’s a good thing that it doesn’t feel too serious for what it is. For some reason I’ve found a lot of things in this show really funny, but I’m honestly not sure if that’s the result of a loose screw or the show itself. It’s still worth watching though.

My main complaint about this show is that there are not enough head-tilts. Shaft, I am disappoint.

Mahou Sensou – dropped

I don’t have a picture, but oh well. This one was extremely uninteresting and had some really stupid things happen, such as deflecting a sword with a shinai (bamboo practice sword for kendo), magic-wielding being treated like a contagious disease, etc. Dropped and forgotten.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu – on hold


I actually haven’t watched more than the first episode yet, so this one will just remain on hold until whenever I feel like jumping into the next episode.

Carry-overs from last season:

Golden Time – Ponytail Linda is still best girl. Most of the time.

Kill la Kill – This is still bouncing back and forth between leaving me craving more and leaving me extremely disappointed. This show could be overloaded with fantastic fight scenes, but there’s so much focus on stupid fanservice and the fights need to be actually properly animated all the time rather than copped-out with tons of still frames and shaking combined with those intensification lines (I don’t know the proper term). Trigger, this isn’t Inferno Cop. You need to actually animate things.

If the latest episode is any indication, the story is going to start barreling towards the climax – which is a good thing.

Kuroko no Basuke 2 – HOLY CRAP I NEED TO SEE THE NEXT EPISODE RIGHT NOW SWEET BABY JESUS is basically what I’ve been thinking at the end of every episode. The wait for this week’s episode has been unbearable.

Hunter x Hunter – I’m still not caught up, but it’s still great. Who doesn’t love crazy (not-quite-)catgirls?

At the end of the season, I’m planning on reviewing at least two of the shows that I’ve completed – my favorite, and my least favorite. As of right now it’s looking like it will end up being Noragami and Super Sonico. Mainly because I’m not going to waste my time reviewing Pupa.

PS – I know you all love my mad photoshop skillz in the featured image.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts So Far – Winter 2014 Anime

  1. And for me I’m still watching around 16 animes xD
    For the ones you mentioned are Seitokai, Sakura Trick, Nisekoi, Chuu ni byou, space dandy and super sonico, and I’m still watching them. For your dropped ones I’m still seeing Mahou Sensou and Space Dandy

    And others not mentioned are Inari konkon koi iroha which is a lovely story with a touch of gods, also D-Frag which is really funny. Silver Spoon 2, as I continue from watching the first season. And several others xD

    1. I really bit off more than I can chew, which is why I’ve put two things on hold and didn’t feel bad about dropping Space Dandy. There’s no way I could consistently watch 16 shows.

      How is Silver Spoon? I’ve been meaning to watch the first season for a while now.

      1. ur photoshopping skillz r so mad broooooo :D

        Well um more seriously, I’ve dropped/put on hold every Winter show except Silver Spoon S2, Sekai Seifuku, Space Dandy and Noragami. It feels so good not watching a million ongoing series ^ ^
        I agree that Space Dandy’s jokes aren’t heaps funny and given the episodic resets, there isn’t much of a plot going. I still find it oddly charming though, so I reckon I’ll stick with it some more.

        I reckon Silver Spoon is pretty darn good, with interesting characters, a nice dab of comedy, a unique setting and appealing OPs and EDs. I find the situations that the characters go through fine as well, but it is slice of life so the issues they encounter aren’t really “big” or anything, and I have heard some people commenting on how they thought the story was boring.

        1. I guess they expected more considering the author was the same of FMA.
          And too bad they think the story is boring, because it’s really interesting and even if the things facing aren’t that “big”, they seem more natural. Even it goes the cliché setting at some parts, it is expected considering the nature of the characters.

          And the best part goes for the comedy (alongside the other parts), the art is so funny, and reminds me of the manga :D

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