Albums of the Week #1

Since I probably won’t do many proper music reviews, I figured I’d throw in a short weekly thing to add my quick thoughts – these will only be a few sentences, so you can just look through it very quickly if you’re interested.

The albums mentioned will be either:

A) those that I’ve recently acquired


B) those that I really like/dislike and just feel like mentioning

I’ll only include 2-3 albums every week. And the genres I’m using will (normally) be taken right from Wikipedia, so please don’t complain too much if you disagree with them. Chances are that I might too.

So now that we have that out of the way:

Justice – Cross


My introduction to this album was this thread, and since the only comparable group I had ever listened to was Daft Punk, it was a fresh listen. A very interesting album, yet it doesn’t sound the best for dancing through various points. Definitely worth a listen, even if you might not normally enjoy electronic music.

Genre: Electro house, disco house

Kalafina – Consolation


I had heard Kalafina’s album After Eden before, but was left a bit underwhelmed – many of the songs lacked any impact or memorability. After reading Otaku Lounge’s Best J-Pop/J-Rock Albums of 2013 list, I decided to give Consolation a listen. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this album was a definite improvement. A strong album from beginning to end, and even though the genre is “J-pop,” don’t let that throw you off – it’s quite different than you’d expect.

Genre: J-pop (not quite)

Karnivool – Asymmetry


Compared to past albums Themata and Sound AwakeAsymmetry simply feels like a mess. The first half is full of songs that would best be described as too polyrhythmic at points, particularly with the drums, and the second half is simply boring since it lacks hooks of any kind, as the vocals and riffs throughout the album are lackluster in comparison to past material. Whereas Sound Awake is one of my favorite albums of all time, this one has barely been listened to.

Genre: Progressive rock, alternative metal, art rock

4 thoughts on “Albums of the Week #1

  1. After Eden is definitely the weakest of Kalafina’s four current albums. I think the strongest is still 2010′s Red Moon, followed by their first album in 2009, Seventh Heaven.

    1. That’s reassuring – it’s better to hear that I started with the wrong album rather than that being the quality I can expect from all of them.

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