Top 10 OSTs

**This post has basically been replaced (go here), but I don’t plan to delete this outdated one. You should just ignore it.**

I have yet to do many posts concerning music, so I figured I’d overlap it with topics a bit more close to home – anime and video games. So here’s a little selection of tracks from some of my favorite OSTs. Enjoy!

Nothing on this list is exactly obscure, but oh well. And since I couldn’t quite decide on a proper order, they’re just listed alphabetically.

Chrono Trigger

Epilogue ~To My Dear Friends~

Of all the retro soundtracks that I could cite from video games I’ve played before, this one would stand apart from the nostalgia-influenced adoration. I never played Chrono Trigger until 2009. Regardless, I quickly fell in love with the game, especially the soundtrack, which always comes to mind when thinking of the sounds of games from days gone by. This reminds me, I still have a PS1 copy of Chrono Cross sitting around somewhere…

Final Fantasy XII

Esper Battle

It’s worth noting that the full soundtrack for this game is about 6 hours long. Of course, when a full playthrough takes over 80 hours, that’s far from being a problem. Honestly, the best thing about this soundtrack is that the music everywhere is interesting to listen to, whether in town, the sewers, or the middle of the desert. And the boss battles. Holy crap, talk about epic music. Besides the default boss music, aptly titled Boss Battle, you should also check out Clash on the Big Bridge ~FFXII Version~ and The Battle for Freedom.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica


I wasn’t actually able to include either of the songs I wanted to due to copyright claims on YouTube, so I settled for another one. I highly recommend that you listen to Sagitta luminis and Magia [quattro].

For this one I’m including the soundtracks for both the movies and the series. Basically, Kajiura Yuki at her finest. I could have included Fate/Zero or Kara no Kyoukai here as well, but I feel that she did a far better job with Madoka. In fact, the music is without a doubt my favorite part of the series. I can’t wait to get my hands on the soundtrack for the third movie. Well, and the movie itself.

If I had to pick a favorite soundtrack from this list, it would be this.

Mass Effect Trilogy

Suicide Mission

Limiting this to just one of the games would be doing the other two a disservice, so I’m including all three here. The Mass Effect soundtracks did a fantastic job of everything. Probably my favorite video game soundtracks. Well, Persona 3 would be the main contender. Also check out Vigil, Mass Effect Main Theme, and Mars.

Monogatari Series

Ika Kaisou

It’s kind of hard to pick one song for the Monogatari Series because there’s just so much variety in the soundtracks, so I just went with one of my favorites. To hear a bit of the variety, check out Nisemono,  Hiyouri, Rainy Devil, Haikyo, Sawari Neko, and any of the variations of Jikai… as well. And for a stretch, look up Courage to Tell a Lie.


Psycho-Pass Main Theme

This soundtrack is filled with all kinds of sexy. The main theme gives a good idea of the general sound of the OST. Another track I would recommend checking out is Dominator.


Battle Hymn of the Soul

Some of you might be thinking, “I would have expected to see P4 here instead.” No. Let me tell you why.

The Almighty is an inferior clone of Battle Hymn of the Soul.

Burn My Dread is a lot better than Pursuing My True Self.

Mass Destruction is not only a better battle theme than Reach Out to the Truth, it’s also just a generally better song. Time to Make History comes close, but no cigar.

I’ll Face Myself is good. Unavoidable Battle is better. Shin Mitsuo Tensei comes really close though.

Burn My Dread (Last Battle) > everything. Does anyone actually remember what music played at the end of the last battle of P4? Because I don’t. I will admit that I liked The Genesis, but during the very end of the very last battle? That needed some Burn My Dread.

And that’s not even mentioning Deep Breath, Living with Determination (Iwatodai Dorm Arrange), Shadow, Heartful Cry… so much HNNNNNGGGGG. And P3 has the superior ending theme.

Am I biased? Yes. Am I wrong? Absolutely not.

Persona 4

Time to Make History

Woops, I included it anyways. Oh well. Electronica in Velvet Room is marginally better than Blues in Velvet Room (maybe). That’s all I have to say.

Something from Sawano Hiroyuki

attack ON titan

Sawano Hiroyuki has two aspects in particular that are very similar to Kajiura Yuki. Not only are they both fantastic composers for anime soundtracks, but their music is also very distinct. While I would consider Madoka Magica to be Kajiura’s standout OST, I wouldn’t be able to decide between the three Sawano soundtracks I’m familiar with – Shingeki no KyojinGuilty Crown, and Kill la Kill. Since the lines between his music can blur, I’ve just picked a selection that hits hard – and if you’ve seen the show, there’s no way you won’t recognize it once it gets going.

Suzumiya Haruhi Series

Itsumo no Fūkei kara Hajimaru Monogatari

I placed this under the series for categorization purposes, but if you really want to hear the best of what’s offered, look straight to the peak of the anime – The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. In particular, both the above song and a song that you’ve probably heard before  (as it’s been used in a bunch of movies, anime, etc, including the world-renowned Mars of Destruction) – Gymnopédie No. 1 – are in it.

Honorable mention to this song:

So, that’s it for my list. What did you think of my clearly biased ideas? What kind of soundtracks would you include on a list like this? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 OSTs

  1. Reading this I am yet again reminded that I should pay attention to the names of the composers when I read stuff lists for anime series. For example I didn’t know the same person worked on SnK and Kill la Kill. I wonder if that means that Hiroyuki Sawano has written music for both SnK first opening and Kill la Kill ending.

    By the way Pinchi Daisuki sounds a lot like what I used to hear in late Soviet cartoons =)

    1. I normally never know a composer’s name unless I really like it and I download the soundtrack. The only one I’ve always recognized by sound is Kajiura Yuki, and the only one to influence me to watch a show was Sawano Hiroyuki – I would have never watched Guilty Crown if he didn’t do the music. It looks like he didn’t have anything to do with the SnK openings, but I couldn’t find any info for Kill la Kill.

      And late Soviet cartoons? That sounds strangely awesome.

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