Tidbits – Upcoming Stuff

Hello, everyone!

As a result of Christmas, I received a PS Vita and have already gotten a few games, so I may review one or so – there’s one in particular that I’m thinking about. I’ve also ordered BDs of Black Lagoon (which I haven’t seen yet) and Bakemonogatari (curse you and your exorbitant prices, Aniplex!), so I may be reviewing something other than Shinsekai Yori in the near future.

That is the first and last time I have heard the term “second banana”


Update/Clarification – No, I’m not going to do a review of P4G. I might talk about it a bit at some point though, at least to compare it to the original PS2 version. I may also review Kino’s Journey, which I got for Christmas. Here’s a screenshot from what I’m actually planning to review:


What do you think?

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