New stuff!

Hello, everyone! My name is David, and the purpose of this site is to post reviews for various media and what-not. If you happened to come here from my blog on my trip to Japan, welcome back!

Since I’m already relatively new to reviewing, any and all input would be welcome, both in terms of the reviews themselves or the site layout/how things are posted (I’m working on this part right now, trying to find a decent theme, etc.). I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions!

While I don’t think I’ll have any immediately, I will try to include screenshots or pictures where relevant, so you can look forward to more than just walls of text.

Random notes:
– If I’m reviewing an anime or Japanese game I will normally use the localized title. But there will definitely be exceptions to this.

– I may do short video reviews/comments on things, but this is merely a possibility

Enjoy your stay and please offer any criticism, advice, comments, or questions!
Stay classy, everyone!

What do you think?

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